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Building Good Creative Habits — Combating Creative Blocks

Working on a project for a client can be a rewarding experience. There are set goals, constraints you must meet, and other limitations that must be overcome. I often use each project as an opportunity to grow as a designer…. Continue Reading →

SillyDate — A web-based date utility

A simple date utility that converts a given date to ISO 8601 format. SillyDate

Why do you need this?

If you're a developer, you could achieve the same result yourself by opening up the developer console in your browser and writing a short piece of code akin to the f...

I’m enjoying some hot tea while coding 🙂

Why I’m giving my website a face-lift…

I am currently in the process of updating my personal website: Levyian.com. When I first started freelancing, I built my website with a target client in mind. However, as time went by, my clientele changed. The logical next step, for… Continue Reading →

A Web API That Generates An Avatar

Need to generate an avatar for your website/service using a simple HTTP POST request? Avatar Generator API

For the last two months I have been working on a web API that generates an avatar based on a given set of parameters. This API was initially used as part of a research study where the subjects wo...

First Blog Post: Welcome To My Blog

I’m Levyian — a freelance designer and developer with an avid interest in machine learning — welcome to my blog. Over the last several months, I’ve been deliberating on how best to format my blog in order to optimize its… Continue Reading →

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